Rare Honey Horn Hanging Spirals


Rare Honey Horn Hanging Spirals
Our Rare Honey Horn Hanging Spirals – Comes In Pairs. Hand Carved From Honey Buffalo Horn, The Finest Of Salvaged Natural Materials. Available In Multiple Sizes. As A Product of Mother Nature, There Will Always Be A Slight Variance In Shape, Color Or Size, Allowing You To be Certain The Pair You Buy Will Be Unique And One Of A Kind. Ear Stretching, Tapers, expanders, Spirals, Gauge Plugs, Ear Tunnels, Double Flared. Body Modification, body jewelry, Ear Stretching kit  

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12ga (2mm), 6ga (4mm), 2ga (6mm), 0ga (8mm), 00ga (10mm), 1/2 inch (12mm)

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