Tunnel Stretching Starter Kit


•Perfect for the beginner stretcher with “Normal Size” ear holes
•8 piece piercing kit, from sizes 2mm – 8mm
•Five different colors to choose from

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This tunnel starter stretching kit, is perfect for those who have worn heavy earrings in the past, and whom are starting out with a slightly larger hole. It is recommended when you are about to upsize to a larger size in your starter kit, first you cleanse the earlobe with Dead Sea Salt Saline Wash, weekly with Tea Tree wash and daily with a Skin Stretching serum.

While you are moving up in size within your “Starter Kit”, you should cleanse your ear piercings with Saline Wash either daily or every other day (please note: The frequency also depends on your skin type, over health and daily activity). We do recommend a Dead Sea Saline wash over your average sea salt, as it not only has the miraculous healing properties of the Dead Sea, but the added benefit of 21 naturally accruing minerals necessary for optimal regulation and functioning of the over body. You should soak the piercing with a cotton ball until any debris or “crust” has loosened, and allows you to “twist” the jewelry.

We also recommend using a Therapeutic grade natural Tea Tree wash, weekly out the up sizing process. This can be done each time you switch the jewelry. Simply wash the ear lobe (without the jewelry inserted) with water, creating a rich lather. Allow the rather to remain on the earlobes for 10 seconds so the Tea Tree essential oils can penetrate the area, then rinse. Followed by a Piercing Serum.

You want to follow up with an all natural piercing serum like our Skin Stretching Serum or the Piercing Relief serum. The serum should be used on a daily basis added prior to pushing and twisting or your jewelry. This will keep the piercing lubricated during the process. The piercing serums are also idea for keeping the ears protected from possible infection thanks to their Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, while keeping the piercing supple for upsizing your piercing and healthy maintenance of you lobes.

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Black, White, Green, Red, Pink, Orange, Blue, Purple, White


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